• Abhi Sharma

‘Economy won’t start without supporting farmers, migrants’, says Rahul Gandhi

Updated: May 22, 2020

Former party chief and senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday held a press conference and reacted to the Centre’s Rs 20 lakh crore economic package which was announced on Tuesday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gandhi said that the Government of India must have faith in the “small and medium businesses, the farmers, those walking on the streets - the migrant labourers”. He said without them, the economy will never be able to start after bearing the brunt of the coronavirus crisis.

Gandhi said he is not making a political statement but is speaking on behalf of the entire nation. He said he needs the government to “reconsider the stimulus package

I have a serious reservation about the nature of the package and I would like the government to reconsider it,” Gandhi said on Saturday. He said that he the government has taken a “good step” by introducing the stimulus package but it should focus more on putting the money in the pockets of the needy, the migrant labourers, the farmers.

He emphasized the immediate need to initiate direct transfers. “It is important that we put money directly into the hands of our people,” Gandhi stated.

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