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Cyclone Amphan, Weather Forecast Today LIVE Updates: Storm weakens into depression

Cyclone Amphan Tracker, Weather forecast Today Live Updates: The extent of the structural damage caused by Cyclone Amphan is evident from visuals of airport hangars in Kolkata collapsing and water inundating runaways. The Cyclone also left a trail of destruction (see photos here) in other parts of West Bengal and Odisha and claimed at least 10-12 lives on Wednesday. The cyclone, which had earlier reduced in strength, has now further weakened into a depression, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that a meeting of a special task force will take place today to asses the damage and find ways to provide relief to the people. Chief secretary Rajiva Sinha said, “It will take time for our workers to reach the affected areas. It will be only on Friday that proper work can begin.”

Odisha is assessing the damage caused by the cyclone, which has also impacted its coastal districts. The cyclone hit the states at a time when it is already struggling to fight the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

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